The Bechtloff Podcast

20 Apr

Aurini and Bechtloff discuss Churchianity and Geek culture and why red pill is needed in both areas and hence save civilization.


Consumerism, Feminism and the Femocalypse

20 Apr

Listen to the man and learn and appreciate what he has to say.

The “Double Standard” Double Standard

18 Apr

One is not, in the Christian church, ever allowed to criticize sexual immorality in a woman.  This is an unwritten rule, the 11th commandment, enforced by what I call “the double standard” double standard.

It works like this:  Any time you point out that a woman is being sexually immoral, you will instantly get a reply from an exasperated Christian woman or a male Christian white knight, exclaiming, “But where are the men!  Why isn’t anyone talking about the men who sleep with these women?! Why is there this double standard?”

I agree: There is a double standard.  And it is based on the false perception of an opposite double standard.  People only ever decry a “double standard” when we talk about female sin.  Never when we talk about male sin.  This is itself the very definition of a double standard.

Everyone is saying “Why is no one talking about these men?!” Which, ironically, means everyone is talking about these men.   In fact, they only ever blame the man.  And if anyone mentions the woman shares equal blame, they then reply (after having already blamed the man), “But what about the men?!”

This is not only absurd, but logically fallacious.  Now, to this charge the feminist responds, “Logic is for boys.  They’re stupid.  Throw rocks at them.”

But for the rest of us who realize that logic is the reason we’re communicating with computers and iPads instead of still drawing pictures on cave walls, we see the fallacy immediately:  If A and B both engage in an immoral behavior, and I state that A is immoral for engaging in that behavior, this does not mean I am somehow stating that B is morally justified.  That is, simply because I say that Hitler was evil for murdering 6 million innocent Jews, doesn’t mean I’m excusing his junior officers.  Nor Neville Chamberlain for appeasing him.  Nor the German people for voting for him.  If I condemn Hitler, I am not at the same time justifying the Turks for the Armenian Genocide, or Stalin for his murderous purges.  Only an idiot would say that I am.

But they don’t teach logic in schools anymore.  It’s more important to teach young girls how to put condems(sic) on cucumbers.

In a later post I will explain why I believe this “double standard” double standard exists.


Repost of Bilskillet’s blog

17 Apr

Repost of Bilskillet’s blog

This is a link to the now defunct blog by a Christian man. Before the danger of doxxing made him shut down. I will also be reposting his material for archive purposes for those who would like to read such posts on my blog.

Self-pity is for the weak

16 Apr

To realize what a loser one is. To fear. This dark cycle of self-pity I used to engage in and still strive to overcome. I used to think everyone at my school hated me. I cried and cried out of self-pity. To face hostility also led me to cry in the dark corner. Even now I struggle to hold back tears of self-pity.


But you know what? Self-pity is for the weak. It doesn’t cause growth nor is it self improvement.  It is a comfort zone truly I created for my self. It is easy to wallow so easy. Why should I remain in this state despite all the opportunities for growth? Does such a mindset overcome adversity?


A man fights, a man overcomes or he dies trying. Readers I need your help to not regress. Help me to be strong. For this is my wish.

No Fap, no porn Day 2

15 Apr

Ever since I have been a teen and before I came to faith. I have been an addict of Porn and Masturbation. And have been trying to escape its orbit since. However I will try this time with full accountability to my readers. Wish me luck this time. May my struggle begin and God help me come out of this stronger.



31 Mar


Manhood is earned through blood, guts, Sweat and tears. It is a leap away from comfort into short-term pain for long term gain. Comfort is only in Zion. But in this world there is only struggle. Seek not comfort here but growth. Endless growth. Endless improvement. For the male organism is never stagnant. Either improve or decline. Either rise or eventually fall. the choice is yours.




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