The Male Other

18 Dec

Ebola-Fear,Lies And The Evidence

30 Nov

MGTOW video about censorship

18 Nov

Beautiful illegal tiny houses( an innovation in minimalism in order to make housing affordable)

17 Nov

The fractal nature of reality

10 Nov

Negating Authority In Marriage

29 Oct


The problem of headship without authority explained.

Originally posted on The Society of Phineas:

In the previous post, commenter dvdivx writes:

So far the Christian solution to seriously misbehaving spouses is simply to ignore the matter entirely or just pretend it’s not happening. Tell that to my kids that are learning that marriage means no sex, no intimacy and no love. Good thing they learn what modern marriage is about early then.

He hits upon a common problem in marriage since the advent of feminism: The removal of the use of authority by husbands in their marriages. As illustrated in that previous post, feminists of all stripes have sought to remove the Godly requirement for a wife to submit to her own husband. They have done this by fomenting women against the idea of marriage, using the typical marxist arguments. But most notably it’s done by the erosion of the authority of husbands, which has been executed very well…

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Study finds birth control pill has negative effects on lake ecosystems

14 Oct


Why feminism is bad for the environment.

Originally posted on Patriactionary:

Like we couldn’t have guessed that, but here’s evidence:

HALIFAX – The lead researcher of a new study is calling for improvements to some of Canada’s waste water treatment facilities after finding that introducing the birth control pill in waterways created a chain reaction in a lake ecosystem that nearly wiped out a freshwater fish.

The study, which is being published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on Monday, found that introducing small amounts of estrogen into a lake led to the near extinction of the fathead minnow because it interfered with the fish’s ability to reproduce.

Lead researcher Karen Kidd of the University of New Brunswick said the study has been ongoing since the late 1990s, when researchers in the United Kingdom discovered that male fish began to develop eggs when estrogen was introduced in their habitat.

Kidd said their study set out to build on…

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