Artificial gardens that simulate the natural ecosystem

21 Aug

I was walking down a pathway when I noticed Ibis Bird feeding on garbage. And I had a thought if it is possible to create an artificial wetland stocked with all the animals that are native to that ecosystem to serve as a food source for the Ibis. Maybe even a self-sustaining ecosystem that not only serves as a place where the Ibis bird eats its fill but also as a place which beautifies the often ugly urban environments I am in.

Although hopefully mankind will awaken from its spiritual melaise that results in such ugly urban environments and infrastructure and rediscover what beauty is about.

The untenability of materialism in Science

7 Aug

A dream

1 May

I vaguely remember my dreams I do not know where I was but there were distinct strips that line the floor in those strips were special runes and all of it pulsed from time to time with colors of rainbow. I remember nothing else.

Ecological solutions for enhancing food production and creating Natural Aesthetics

29 Mar

Why Beauty Matters

25 Mar

The Truth about Net Neutrality

27 Feb

Walter Williams documentary Suffer no Fools

9 Feb

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