Thoughts on poverty

4 Jan

When society emerged from the hunter-gatherer stage and become agricultural urbanization emerged and population exploded. Disease flourished and poverty become known becoming manifest in misery all too familiar throughout history.

Many ideologies tried to abolish poverty by eliminating classes and making everyone equal. But that made everyone but the soviet government officials poor and destroyed the incentives to work to convert natural bounties into usable artificial wealth.

There is no such thing as wealth that came out of nothing. It always came out of the earth ultimately from the hand of God.

Urbanization did 2 things. Destroy natural wealth through the destruction of the landscapes that constituted the habitat where the ecosystems thrived which naturally brings forth their bounties of wood,medicines,furs and beauty and also converted natural resources into artificial forms in the forms of buildings,objects and clothing.

On the one hand it enabled human population to thrive and on the other hand it enabled some talented individuals to accumulate wealth that is in excess of their needs. I do not consider such a thing bad. But it also seems to facilitate poverty more extreme than suffered by the caveman.

At least the caveman had access to natural resources like rocks,animals natural foods and medicinal herbs. Which could be fashioned into tools,clothing and medicines. He had access to caves both wondrous and beautiful fashioned by the hand of God and even if not beautiful, certainly not hellishly ugly.. He had access to the night sky displaying the glory of the creators handiwork the countless stars,glorious galaxies, breathtaking landscapes tropical,temperate and polar and waterways clear and wondrous. Such a life is hard sure famine and wild animals certainly threaten him. But such is a life more adventurous in its hunting and more dignified in its deaths.

However the beggar and those like him only has access to plastic bags and rotting food thrown away by others, ugly holes and concrete hellholes in the urban landscape he finds himself in. He is stuck in his place save via human generosity. Even some who do find work only make enough money to eat and nothing more.

His is a poverty both aesthetic as well as bodily,material and purposeless. It is ignoble for he does not die via the wild animals nor in the adventure of hunting nor under the skies obscured via the city lights. He dies in his plastic soaked with urine in a landscape berefit of refraction of the glory of God that existed before the cities went up.

Indeed his is a poverty greater than than of the caveman and nomadic mongol.

And seeing beggars on the street I would hope to connect them with employers desperate for workers yet also be able to make enough money to improve their lots. Or if there are places left and no ways to be found in the urban environment give them a chance to live a more dignified and free lifestyle of poverty that the nomad and caveman at least possesses.






On ornamentation and function

27 Dec

There seems to be a separation of utility and aesthetics. Where utility is the concrete that is the framework that makes the building work, with pipes and wires supplying the necessary gas,water and electricity. And beauty is the add on panels,paint, and paintings.

However I do not think that beauty and function should be like this. I think the concrete itself should be an ornament as well as a utility which no longer necessitates addons to cover up the ugliness.

Just as Samurai swords are not only a weapon to cut through enemies but in and of itself an ornament.

So concrete,wires and pipes should be ornaments in and of themselves with today’s precise machines making that possible on a mass scale with techno-craftsmen designing such creations. Serving not only a function but also aesthetically pleasing with no impact on the function.

For example the insulation of a wire can glow blue yet consume no electricity only via the stimulation of the presence of electricity itself.

I look forward to the days where basements,fire stairs, industrial sites utility rooms and so forth are themselves works of art as well as wires,pipes and concrete.

I would your thoughts on those ridiculous ideas.








NecessaryC-sections as indication of maternal health dysfunction

24 Dec

I was born by caesarean due to me not moving in my mothers womb into the upside down position that I was supposed to.

And given the advanced maternal age increased risk of caesarean it makes me think.

The thing is that artificial means of birth are necessary  due to narrow hips and failures of the release of hormones or whatever complication during labor is indications of underlying problems.

Those problems I think should be pinpointed and its root cause determined to be treated. And if its genetics CRISPR may help.

Caesareans should be unnecessary and the fact that women need to have them should be a cause for concern.

It should not be treated as a matter of fact expected and normal.

I regard this practice as ultimately a crutch that does not solve the cause of the problems requiring caesarean. In the same way glasses are ocular crutches that does the solve the ultimate cause of the vision deficiency.


Just my thoughts for you all.





At least that’s my thoughts for today

Building Anti-fragility into the works of man. (Thought fragment)

1 Nov

I notice that the elements and the stress of use take a toll on the function and aesthetics of buildings and the tools that we use day to day over time. What if instead of being detrimental to beauty the exposure of the building or clothing or item to the stress of use and the elements actually enhance and improve the beauty and the utility(Which exists in inseparable unity) of the item or of any of the constructions of man.

What if for example exposure to rain and sun makes concrete look better and more stronger as a result? As well as other examples one can think of.

Priorities of life

26 Oct

My priorities for life is:

  1. God
  2. Freedom
  3. Adventure
  4. Achievement
  5. Seeking out beauty and wonder in the universe and such senses for myself without any mediation by media or technology eg. Astronomy in the countryside or wilderness with no light pollution,diving into oceans,going to the arctic and antarctica walking across glaciers and potentially climbing down its cracks with the necessary safety precautions.

This is for my own reminder.

A symptom of the malaise of modernity

13 Oct

Thoughts on beauty

11 Oct

I get an impression that beauty is an addon in urban structures and in craftsmanship A paint job. But that is in contrast to how nature creates beauty. Beauty in natures case is an organic emergent phenomenon inherent in the design and development thereof itself not an addon like paint or picture hung on a wall. Although certain people did not quite take this sentiment quite the right way thereby creating urban structures that are ugly, sterile or just plain depressing as summed up in the philosophy of utilitarianism.

But the sentiment itself is quite apt. Beauty should be a natural emergent phenomenon and looking to nature for inspiration in this department would help take us to the next level in aesthetics in terms of making it an inherent emergent property just like water when it emerges from a fountainhead rather than something that is a paintjob that is likewise derived from function other than aesthetics which in a particular example from nature leaves that are green in order to properly utilize sunlight to create starch.

Or for a human example. A woman lips that are naturally red with a face that is symmetrical absent any modification that is also likewise highly sexually dimorphic which is a result of physical and genetic health naturally resulting in such a beauty.

Such examples indicates beauty that emerges organically as a result of substance as well as design. And demonstrates the intimate connection of beauty with truth and truth with beauty. For if beauty is not true and is merely superficial then beauty is a sham.

An illusion of something that does not truly exist except as a mirage, a false indicator of substance that is in truth non-existent.

Yet such biological examples indicate beauty does exist as a result of and is an honest indicator of that which is good and useful. And is not a sham.

Beauty that shields a lack of substance like the white-washed tomb of the pharisees full of dead bones and rot in contrast to the inside that is cleaned leading to cleanness of the outside cannot be considered truly as beauty in my opinion. It can only be termed “bullshit”





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