The way of men part 1

15 Feb

The way of men is the way of the gang or the platoon. It is born in violence when men hunted in groups, pledging life and death together as blood-brothers. In this hunting group what ensured its success are the 4 values of masculinity: Strength, Honor, Mastery and courage. To lack any of them is to be a weak link only to be discarded lest that man be a danger to that group of brothers.

This is the origin of masculinity and the reason for the crisis of masculinity in modern society. For this reason cheaters are severely punished especially in a group of men and shows of weakness forbidden.

Masculinity is a danger to the Powers-to-be. A government or a tyranny needs emasculated men in order to effectively rule. Testosterone levels have been falling and Men must step up to the challenge of re-masculating themselves. Where the old pair of testicles dropped off. It is time to grow a new pair.



One Response to “The way of men part 1”

  1. Jose March 13, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    The constant emasculation of men in this society is rapidly changing men who once were the builders of society into men cowering in fear of their masculinity. We have always been told since when we started school that expressing our masculinity was not accepted by government authority and society in general.

    So they continued to feed us that propaganda that your masculinity must be put away to the point of brainwashing. They have beaten the “alpha” out of all of us little by little we become the caged tiger that people see in the zoo. A once glorious animal that ran through the plains of Africa has become nothing but an amusement and that is all!

    Our masculinity is that caged Tiger who once ran freely in the plains. Look around at these young men now. They walk around lost and angry because they feel that they are not whole. SO they end up acting out their aggression on innocent people. Just like that Tiger who will attack an innocent person when let out of his cage long enough.

    We need to go back and retake our masculinity from society. We will need to teach these young men to be men not the stereotypical “Hyper Alpha” they see on TV. If we do not do this soon then we will all perish as a society.

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