2 Mar



In the discussion of Grannies gone wild! newly arrived worker ant Just Asking noticed that something was amiss with the anthill and immediately set about rebuilding it:

Why do you people spend so much of your life discussing things that really have no bearing on your life. If sexy grandma wants to hookup with sexy grandpa for a little action, so what. Let them have their fun. Or are you really that desperate to find something/anything to complain about and yet another thing to blame it all on women. Gee whiz people have you nothing to worry about but what other people are doing.

Fellow colony member T eventually recognized a kindred spirit and started rebuilding as well:

I agree with you. But the manosphere enjoys insulting women, and granny’s wrinkled up lady bits are an easy target.

The OP of course had nothing to do with insulting women or granny’s…

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  1. Jose March 13, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Women now thing that they still have it in them to pull themselves a good man. Even though they are older and have lost their “edge” they still think they have it. The problem is that i actually believe that there are people who will actually believe what they see in that show to reality? Sad state we live in!


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