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Do not be conformed to the world

30 Apr


1.9 The Way of Men

24 Apr

Discover the secret of steel. Arm yourself and forge your own destiny. The rediscovery of masculinity is at hand.


Bro! The Carlyle Club is hogging the remote, refusing to ask for directions, and generally manning up for some guy talk on masculinity. (No girls allowed.)

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The Tribes of Game

24 Apr

Damn good. A rendition of Human behavioural dynamics in biblical terms.

The Rational Male


This comment from Deti in the Evolution of Game was too epic not to make a post of. He leaves out Aunt Giggles Iscariot, the betrayer, but he is forgiven:


In the beginning was Game. And the game was with the natural alpha, and the Game was alpha. And the natural alphas created the world of pickup, and they saw that it was good.

And they said, “Let us make men in our own image.” And took they some words and swagger and attitude and nuking shit tests, and formed they men; and breathed into their nostrils the breath of cocky-funny, and they created men.

And alpha placed men into the world and told them to dress and keep it; and they did.

And alpha looked upon the men, and said “It is not good for the Men to be alone. I will make him a companion and…

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This could send george bush and obama to jail.

20 Apr

This could send george bush and obama to jail.


Suspicious happenings at the boston bombing

19 Apr

Suspicious happenings at the boston bombing

This is a must read on the situation in boston stay tuned.


A take on the boston bombings

18 Apr

You decide if alex jones is telling the truth. But if true then this has become a very serious matter.


A star trek version of game

15 Apr

This is one of the best depictions of male dominance on TV. The response of the woman is quite realistic too. I recommend you watch this vid to get some tips on see the demonstration of the mating dance.