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Call for Heroes

31 May

Call all the heroes around the world for this cause. May our enemies never triumph.


Gay Unions are Better

31 May

Marriage has degraded to this point. I have no words to describe this.

Free Northerner

Here’s an article from Slate, Gay Couples Do It Better, in which feminist Hanna Rosen writes:

Without those assumptions, gay couples tend to make more logical choices. The one who is the better cook more often makes dinner, without worrying that this might violate some principles of either feminism or masculinity. The one who earns more money works more, etc. In economics this is called “specialization,” and it tends to make households —much like industries—run more efficiently. One great surprise: Gay dads, studies show, are slightly more likely to have a full time stay at home parent than straight couples. Why? Because much as we hate to hear it, that arrangement is probably more efficient and makes everyone less stressed. But the important lesson here is, the one who stays at home doesn’t need to be the mom.

We now know that feminists accept that traditional family roles…

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The warriors tale

28 May

The warriors tale

A society needs the warriors tale. For without it, it perishes.

Beta Training

26 May

Martel makes some good points. The whole society is essentially stacked against the male. If it were possible I would like to reach out to such men.

Alpha Is Assumed

In a world of cut and thrust I was always taught to trust

–Neil Peart, “BU2B”


Deti, among the king-commenters of the Manosphere, said this over at Sunshine Mary’s blog [emphasis mine]:

Men are different. From a very early age, we learn that when we get right down to it, we’re basically alone. We’ll have to make our own way in the world, stand alone, be alone, and get to where we want to go alone. We can’t rely on a herd; we have to do it all ourselves. If we fail, we don’t have a support system to help us. We will have to pull ourselves out, alone.

The part that’s not in bold is typical of Deti’s penetrating insight.  Men have to make our own way in the world.  There’s no sympathy for us if we fail, no prince in shining armor prances along to save…

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What war does to men

25 May

What war does to men

War seems to increase the masculinity of the men participating in it. The middle photographs show a predominant masculization of the men in contrast to the 1st photograph. The 3rd photograph appears to be the combination of the 1st 2 photographs. It seems the higher testosterone levels during war left an impact.


A coaching-first church

24 May

A coaching-first church

The proper way of church building.


Clash of civilisations

24 May

Mass immigration intended to cause a clash of civilisations in order for the tyrannical world order to grab more power for itself.