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Decadence 2

22 May

The commodification and cheapification of modern sex. A testament to the ugliness of society, a degrading of the beautiful, elevation of the superficial.

To turn what is sacral into the profane. What is in the secret chambers of the bedroom into the open. No longer holy, no longer set apart. This is what advanced civilization turn to before its decline.

Its heroin drip. Its hedonic treadmill.


The natural aristocracy

21 May

The natural aristocracy

This is a recommended read of the writings of one of the greatest men in history. Thomas Jefferson. He argues against the pseudo-aristocracy of rank and birth of the artificial class system that originated and persisted in the european, civilisation. Instead he believes that the republic of America provides by its constitution the methods of causing the demise of the pseudo-aristocracy and causing the ascendance of natural aristocracy. Has his ideas worked?


Decadence part 1

16 May

The worship of money. Materialism. One of the first introductions I had to the red pill reality of the world.


Male genocide

12 May

Male genocide

This is a chilling documentary that documents the chemical assault on the male sex. The fight for our masculinity is nigh.


Multiculturalism and the lie of diversity

9 May

Multiculturalism and the lie of diversity

Video games are for losers

9 May

“1990: lol video games are for losers
1991: lol video games are for losers
1992: lol video games are for losers
2007: lol video games are for losers
2008: omg look at me playing legend of the zelda!!
2009: I’m such a farmville nerd lol
2010: why are there so few women in gaming?? why are you excluding us??
2011: I’m just as much of a nerd as you!! I can play sims for like an hour!!


Summary of feminism in video gaming.