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No fap challenge

22 Jun

Today is my 4 day abstaining from beating my meat. It is a struggle and a hard thing to accomplish. Especially after reading this post. My testicles feel like bursting and any glance of the beautiful female form drives me nuts. Masturbation is bad, it drains you of energy and vitality and probably your testosterone too. My lack of drive is the result of frequent masturbation. And now getting back on track requires a no surer test of willpower than this.


Subtle male expendablility in action – The Cat Lady in training

19 Jun

Cat ladies. Why do women destroy themselves?

Erudite Knight - On the search for truth

Ahh, the much aligned cat-lady, in case you dont know what this is, its the stereotypical woman who is typically 30+ often older, but has been burned or spurned by men enough that she turns to cats…a lot of them as a substitute for males, and often has a ‘i dont need men attitude’.  I met one this weekend.  Well, future Cat Lady, for now a cat-lady-in-training

I was at a party with my friends when this women walked in, a bit heavy and with very consuming eyes.  They were whore eyes, I have seen them before.  They have no problem taking the dick then walking away after sex content she has displayed her ‘womans liberation power’.  Its the type of hardened-slut stare that guys know they could easily get a bj from, but also run the risk of getting an std from.

Anyway, so she comes in, eyes drifting…

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Coaching 1st church

9 Jun

Coaching 1st church

Based on the model Jesus’ ministry where he made disciples of men. This can be the way forward for the churches. For the outreach to men as well as performing the dangerous work of evangelism. Which will often get men killed in the course of duty.


The paradox of imperialism

5 Jun

The paradox of imperialism

How the demise of the ancien regime gave rise to total war. And the utter devastation of current warfare. This article explains the reasons for the nature of war in current events. The irony that warfare between monarchs was limited in scope and afforded their citizens greater freedoms. This may also be an argument for anarchy.