Subtle male expendablility in action – The Cat Lady in training

19 Jun

Cat ladies. Why do women destroy themselves?

Erudite Knight - On the search for truth

Ahh, the much aligned cat-lady, in case you dont know what this is, its the stereotypical woman who is typically 30+ often older, but has been burned or spurned by men enough that she turns to cats…a lot of them as a substitute for males, and often has a ‘i dont need men attitude’.  I met one this weekend.  Well, future Cat Lady, for now a cat-lady-in-training

I was at a party with my friends when this women walked in, a bit heavy and with very consuming eyes.  They were whore eyes, I have seen them before.  They have no problem taking the dick then walking away after sex content she has displayed her ‘womans liberation power’.  Its the type of hardened-slut stare that guys know they could easily get a bj from, but also run the risk of getting an std from.

Anyway, so she comes in, eyes drifting…

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2 Responses to “Subtle male expendablility in action – The Cat Lady in training”

  1. Erudite Knight June 19, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    Only if cat ladies were actually hot like anime…

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