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How testosterone affects behaviour

7 Aug

How testosterone affects behaviour

Testosterone is the hormone that defines and makes a man. But currently the pervasiveness of xenoestrogens are putting such masculine behaviours to rest. Subsuming us in the endless filth of effeminacy. Feminism is one of the ways that men are being emasculated and the the chemical way is another one of them. To see the effects of the hormone is the have a glimpse into masculine behaviour. Now more than ever the study of manhood is paramount. And I will add my own 2 cents to the manosphere with this link. Although I will not be a very prolific writer. I will be gathering the relevant information in my posts.


Explaining Majoritarian Misogyny

4 Aug

The necessity of patriarchy explained. Women must be kept on a tight leash or they will destroy civilisation.


The real meaning of psalm 23

2 Aug

Psalm 23 is not a promise of ease but promises of peril and death. But ultimately the guidance and the providence of god. It is like the passover when the Israelites painted their doorways with the blood of the lamb while the angel of death killed the egyptian firstborn. And the Israelites feasted that same night.