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Do you have what it takes to be a man?

19 Oct

A good documentary that showcases the hardships of the french foreign legion. Where weaknesses in character is revealed and the true personality of men is shown. Will these men be forged in flame or be destroyed?


Technology a crutch or enhancement?

15 Oct

It has been stewing in my thoughts for a while. But as I see, everywhere technology is being used it has been a great enhancement for our lives yet also a great crutch.

I fear that as we progress in technology and use it to enhance our bodies. Would our biological body start to lose the abilities that it was able to do so without technology? Or is my fear unfounded?

Take also for example with replacing a human heart with a mechanical one or a faulty arm with a robotic arm. Are we to become less human in the pursuit of technology?

Medical science ensured the survival of people that did not previously live. Is medical science being dysgenic? If the problem has its roots in genetics then it currently is ensuring the passing on of faulty genes. Hence it perhpas is having a dysgenic effect on the population.


A libertarian nails it.

10 Oct


Government shutdown

2 Oct

Government shutdown