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Combating the feminization of the church

31 Dec

Leon J. Podles have documented the pervasive problem of the feminine nature and atmosphere of the church. Which famously brought forth the sickening saccharine bullshit that we see in the churches today. Songs that if the name is changed from Jesus to someone else seems no different to a Romance Song. But in terms of tune and lyrics the feminization of the church is most prevalent and obvious to the casual observer. Subsequently alienating any man concerned with preserving and upholding his masculinity. Many various attempts have been tried to combat this pervasive problem however despite all efforts so far it seemed to have failed. However this attempt at reversal has been met with success in the case of Joseph of Jackson’s tribal culture. Henceforth it has now been made clear to me at least. That men should band together as brothers as the thus called Mannerbund in order to counteract what would naturally happen. Which is that women will take over.


This is the only way we may be able to inject the red pill into our churchian culture today and counteract the dominance of feminism which is likewise the spirit of jezebel. And as in the case of Joseph of Jackson drive out the heathen. However feminism will inevitably try to destroy this Mannerbund attempting to assimilate them to the borg so to speak. Which is why in the next post I will talk about Anti-fragility in order to keep the Mannerbund intact or to make it akin to the hydra.


Women in combat

30 Dec

Women in combat



Surprising video on human motivation

30 Dec

Human’s ain’t just motivated by money but by mastery, purpose and autonomy. If this is an ideal model for human organization can this be applied to society as a whole?

The Fairer Sex

29 Dec

Outstanding poem. And talent.

‘Reality’ Doug

Firm softness in graceful curve,
Reptilian reflex in every nerve.
Energy in motion from instincts true,
Emotions deep of every hue.

Pedestalized as human by clumsy man,
Producer of pedestals by his tinkering hand.
Ne’er once employed for striking, not once causing fear,
In a heart of the sex he doth revere.

Hell no, he’d never,
Not in his own name.
He’d be tainted for life,
He’d have to shoulder more blame.

“Commitment phobic!” good women charge,
Those superior creatures, butt like a barge.
The art of projection, psychological defense,
Long ago first arose for wily offense.

Women say men are afraid to commit,
But the greater venality is more easily hid.
For illusion trumps ugly where feelings ring true,
The emotions behind them, nice men never knew.

The high-civilized man, instincts sublimated,
His emotions are harnessed; his feelings, self-regulated.
His neural energy, in motion, gives depth to his feeling,

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How mighty companies can fall and how this can demonstrate entropy of civilization.

28 Dec

How mighty companies can fall and how this can demonstrate entropy of civilization.

Over and over again we see the fall of the mighty nations and civilizations. Rome, Greece Persia, China, Aztecs and Mayan and Egyptian Civilizations all now consist of ruins. But Entropy does not come by accident, it comes due to the all too familiar flaws of Human nature. Firstly the success of civilization and prosperity leads to Hubris: to this illusion of invincibility that papers over human mortality both in terms of individuals and of social organisms that is named: “society”. Couple that with the love of money that develops as well as the draining of virility in luxury and materialism over the founding spiritual values of those particular societies.

The subsequent loss of discipline and over extension of the social organism when it attempts to live and act beyond its means. Draining the nation of social capital as a result is masked by the Prosperity and wealth that is won from its previous successes. Much like a person going fat and losing muscle as a result of the loss of adversity to challenge. So the civilization falters before the winds of reality forces the cracks to appear and the civilization to crumble visibly. Although the nation can with great difficulty be turned around only if the Nation is willing to make the sacrifices necessary. But only if the nation still has the social capital and iron will to do so.





Women and the Law in Ancient Israel.

26 Dec

Women and the Law in Ancient Israel.

It seems outrageous now. But here are the customs and law in Ancient Israel. Girls Typically Married at age 12-13. Marriage without sexual intercourse is incomprehensible to the ancients. Adultery is a capital Crime for both sexes. Women cannot divorce their husbands. Only Husbands can divorce their wives. And Polygyny was permitted.


This may never be acceptable to modern society. However this is how things were at the time.

Merry Christmas! Jesus was da Alpha of all Alphas alongside Homer Socrates Moses Galileo Copernicus Aristotle Plato and Newton!!

26 Dec

The jester of the manosphere is at it again.