The Red Queen

14 Dec

The Red Queen theory. A secular analysis of modern sexuality.

Female Misogynist

I’m reading The Red Queen by Matt Ridley. It’s an evolutionary psychology book, but flawed by the author’s left-wing politics. He tries very hard to deny the social implications of the biologically based qualities he discusses. For example, after 15 pages about the innate differences between the male and female mind, he suddenly declares,

Therefore, there is absolutely no justification from evolutionary biology for the view that men should earn and women should darn their socks….

Indeed, in a curious way, an evolutionary perspective justifies affirmative action more than a more egalitarian philosophy would, for it implies that women have different ambitions and even more than different abilities…. Since the bane of all organizations, whether they are companies, charities, or governments, is that they reward cunning ambition rather than ability (the people who are good at getting to the top are not necessarily the people who are best at doing…

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