The importance of Coming of Age and Male rites of Passage

17 Dec

The importance of Coming of Age and Male rites of Passage

I see too many men today committing suicide. Too many men rendered soulless by modernist culture. Too many Simps(and possibly too many Thugs as well). Unsupervised boys roving about in gangs seeking destruction and causing destruction. Either undirected Masculine energy or undeveloped masculine energy. Such were solved by the initiation rituals of ages past in ancient cultures where men were torn from the apron strings of mother and from the feminine in general in separation from hearth and home as well as the feminine that resides within every male. Likewise they tasted the bitterness of suffering much like the passion of the cross and they symbolically died entering the jaws of death and then rising again no longer born of woman but of man.

Males were steered away from nihilism that come from the natural proximity of the masculine to death that comes from separation from mother that creates this psychic wound yet also enabling this male to encounter the numinous, the great mystery from outside of himself. The Ego that infantile effeminate self-centered self is killed and that person is no longer a boy but a man anchored to a higher purpose and to absolute truth.

Likewise being torn from the safety of the mother and the feminine but without and within and tempered with hardship and to confront death and being swallowed by it only to rise again as a new person that male is changed and is ready to serve his community.

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