The Fairer Sex

29 Dec

Outstanding poem. And talent.

‘Reality’ Doug

Firm softness in graceful curve,
Reptilian reflex in every nerve.
Energy in motion from instincts true,
Emotions deep of every hue.

Pedestalized as human by clumsy man,
Producer of pedestals by his tinkering hand.
Ne’er once employed for striking, not once causing fear,
In a heart of the sex he doth revere.

Hell no, he’d never,
Not in his own name.
He’d be tainted for life,
He’d have to shoulder more blame.

“Commitment phobic!” good women charge,
Those superior creatures, butt like a barge.
The art of projection, psychological defense,
Long ago first arose for wily offense.

Women say men are afraid to commit,
But the greater venality is more easily hid.
For illusion trumps ugly where feelings ring true,
The emotions behind them, nice men never knew.

The high-civilized man, instincts sublimated,
His emotions are harnessed; his feelings, self-regulated.
His neural energy, in motion, gives depth to his feeling,

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