Princess and the Plow Horse

21 Jan

History of feminism in Fairy Tale form.


4 Responses to “Princess and the Plow Horse”

  1. ‘Reality’ Doug January 27, 2014 at 1:08 am #

    This story, from The-Spearhead I believe, is Hegelian dialectic. It assumes men are the natural draft animals and that women are not. In society, women are out of place unless they are put in their places to service men with sex and reproduction. Without such contributions from women at large, the upkeep of women to societal heights is ultimately impossible. Societal men have no use for women. Introducing, Doug’s inverse of Briffaults Law:

    The Male, not the female, determines all the conditions of the societal family. Where the male can derive no benefit from association with the female, no such association takes place.

    You guys are so whooped, not knowing your power and responsibility as a man. Look of the shared etymology of ‘husband’ and realized that the husband MUST care for his wife and underage children like livestock. The 10th Commandment was clear on the tacit necessity of this that all men knew until the Western man of the 19th century started seeding his patrimony to social engineering banksters.

    Any man who enjoys the victim status of the metaphoric plow horse is not a real man but a fool. I say that in brotherly, though rationalist, love.

    • infowarrior1 January 27, 2014 at 3:32 am #

      Oh I will look further back than the 19th century:

      You will find the historical material pertaining to the issue of men being draft-horses further back than the 19th century.

      • ‘Reality’ Doug January 28, 2014 at 12:08 am #

        Yah, it’s cyclical with each implosion of Western (and I believe, proto-Western) civilization. Fucking chivalry. I think it is easier for weak rulers to control the men, the only potential rivals en masse, with vapid women in their way and not supporting them. Liberated women always use all the men they can, weeding for The One. There are always elite men behind the deployment of women as weapons, at least for the ruin of patriarchy that would rival their plunder. All that sex too.

        I think it makes more sense to say men were historically draft animals for elite men and thus the women got out of control and joined in. I wonder if this is the first (or only second) time that females were intentionally let loose to advance an elitist agenda. The mercantile revolution with fiat money and the invention of mass media are new in this cycle.

        The important point is that men assume the role of plow horse is a valid one. It’s rare that people get my point that it is not. The comments on Matt Forney’s post “How To Destroy Someone With Googe” are rare sunshine in that way:

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