The “Double Standard” Double Standard

18 Apr

One is not, in the Christian church, ever allowed to criticize sexual immorality in a woman.  This is an unwritten rule, the 11th commandment, enforced by what I call “the double standard” double standard.

It works like this:  Any time you point out that a woman is being sexually immoral, you will instantly get a reply from an exasperated Christian woman or a male Christian white knight, exclaiming, “But where are the men!  Why isn’t anyone talking about the men who sleep with these women?! Why is there this double standard?”

I agree: There is a double standard.  And it is based on the false perception of an opposite double standard.  People only ever decry a “double standard” when we talk about female sin.  Never when we talk about male sin.  This is itself the very definition of a double standard.

Everyone is saying “Why is no one talking about these men?!” Which, ironically, means everyone is talking about these men.   In fact, they only ever blame the man.  And if anyone mentions the woman shares equal blame, they then reply (after having already blamed the man), “But what about the men?!”

This is not only absurd, but logically fallacious.  Now, to this charge the feminist responds, “Logic is for boys.  They’re stupid.  Throw rocks at them.”

But for the rest of us who realize that logic is the reason we’re communicating with computers and iPads instead of still drawing pictures on cave walls, we see the fallacy immediately:  If A and B both engage in an immoral behavior, and I state that A is immoral for engaging in that behavior, this does not mean I am somehow stating that B is morally justified.  That is, simply because I say that Hitler was evil for murdering 6 million innocent Jews, doesn’t mean I’m excusing his junior officers.  Nor Neville Chamberlain for appeasing him.  Nor the German people for voting for him.  If I condemn Hitler, I am not at the same time justifying the Turks for the Armenian Genocide, or Stalin for his murderous purges.  Only an idiot would say that I am.

But they don’t teach logic in schools anymore.  It’s more important to teach young girls how to put condems(sic) on cucumbers.

In a later post I will explain why I believe this “double standard” double standard exists.


2 Responses to “The “Double Standard” Double Standard”

  1. Cranberry April 18, 2014 at 10:18 am #

    Something similar happens when a man cheats on his wife. It’s always his fault, and the other woman is seldom mentioned. No one has concern for the fact that a woman poached a married man – they almost always, always know the man is married and don’t care anyway.

    I’ve seen two marriages fall apart in recent years due to this behavior, and in each case it was the man who sinned, the man who was to blame, the wife was a poor suffering angel, and the other woman was just…some chick he pursued out of boredom. The wife and the OW get passes and the guy gets all the blame.

    It’s sexually immoral to withhold sex from your husband. It’s sexually immoral to pursue sex outside of your marriage with someone else. But it’s also immoral to usurp a wife’s place, regardless of a husband’s willingness to commit adultery.

    I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on why this is so. The usual arguments could apply, I suppose: We live in a man-hating culture, feminists rule the playground, women are seen as innocent victims or tools of evil male chicanery…but those arguments are superficial, in the end. History and literature are rife with examples of women behaving this way and getting a pass, even though in many instances fate, or God, or even the law catch up to the them. Clytemnestra, Guinevere, Emilia in Othello. Actually, Shakespeare deals with the subject of infidelity boldly in that play.

    • infowarrior1 April 18, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

      I suppose it also has to do with the visibility of evil. Women are better at smoke and mirrors. Men’s sin is more obvious. But in reality it takes 2 to tango. The weakness of men is their sympathy for the weaknesses specific to the female sex. Help blind them to the evils of woman. As with the so called down downfall of manosphere recently men are too taken in by their own idealistic romantic view of women and her honeyed words to notice the monster lurking beneath. Now combine that with the curse of eve compounded by herd behaviour that protects team woman and you get this situation.

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