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The dangers of plastic and its solutions

24 Sep


Trail of blood

12 Sep

Though the song we sing

O tales of ancient told

I will tell you of a man

Who walked on this earth

He walked the trails of blood

He strode on the perilous paths

He faced the adversary in the wilderness

The very God beset by weakness

He hungered and thirsted

His food the word of God

He confronted the adversaries

His foes many legions strong

He drunk the cup we cannot drink

And bled like a lamb about to die

And so he died abandoned by his God

Into the belly of death he descended

Into the gloom of death

He preached to the spirits of the prison

Shut in since the day of Noah

Out of the bowels of death he came

Hades cannot contain him

His life forevermore

Now the adversary is defeated

An innocent man he condemned

by the cross he was defeated.

And so the final enemy is swallowed up in victory.

Systema- Way of the warrior

10 Sep

A good video on manhood. Although my views differ from his worth checking out: