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Musings on the nature of technology and nature

2 Jan

The sound of a city being built is often preceded by the sound of felling logs of a ground dug deep in order to lay the foundations and of the marring of natural beauty. The square and artificial structures of concrete and glass look out of place in a dynamic forest composed of fractal patterns of the chirping birds and the lively animals of the natural world. Day by day, Night by night square and right angled lines are drawn after the natural lively world have been destroyed. Indeed it is true that cities are in some places beautiful in and of itselves testament to the subjugation of nature under the heels of man where wanton destruction is carried out in order to create an environment fit for paper-pushers,accountants and office workers. An environment safe from natural dangers yet at what cost?

Even as we discover great natural capital in the form of various forms of medicines,foods materials and scientific discoveries waiting to be found in various ecosystems around the world places of great beauty. Concrete cities and mechanization spring all around destroying all in its path in favor of the artificial urban environments of man and currently even composed of ugly architecture . Sure such technology benefits us immensely and considering human nature, technology is inevitable.

But it is time to consider this, that though we cannot wind back the clock, we should examine the ideas in our own heads. Why can’t man live in harmony with nature with minimal destruction? How long are we going to put up with poor stewardship of his creation? Every hour natural capital is being lost as buildings are being set up along with its corresponding natural beauty.

Surely we can change the way technology is shaped,conceived and implemented. So that even the buildings and structure of man seem to not do anything with destroying nature, rather enhancing and beautifying it even further rather than being out of place and incongruent with the environment.

What do you think? Can our civilization change so that environmental destruction is no more or at least minimized?