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On ornamentation and function

27 Dec

There seems to be a separation of utility and aesthetics. Where utility is the concrete that is the framework that makes the building work, with pipes and wires supplying the necessary gas,water and electricity. And beauty is the add on panels,paint, and paintings.

However I do not think that beauty and function should be like this. I think the concrete itself should be an ornament as well as a utility which no longer necessitates addons to cover up the ugliness.

Just as Samurai swords are not only a weapon to cut through enemies but in and of itself an ornament.

So concrete,wires and pipes should be ornaments in and of themselves with today’s precise machines making that possible on a mass scale with techno-craftsmen designing such creations. Serving not only a function but also aesthetically pleasing with no impact on the function.

For example the insulation of a wire can glow blue yet consume no electricity only via the stimulation of the presence of electricity itself.

I look forward to the days where basements,fire stairs, industrial sites utility rooms and so forth are themselves works of art as well as wires,pipes and concrete.

I would your thoughts on those ridiculous ideas.









NecessaryC-sections as indication of maternal health dysfunction

24 Dec

I was born by caesarean due to me not moving in my mothers womb into the upside down position that I was supposed to.

And given the advanced maternal age increased risk of caesarean it makes me think.

The thing is that artificial means of birth are necessary  due to narrow hips and failures of the release of hormones or whatever complication during labor is indications of underlying problems.

Those problems I think should be pinpointed and its root cause determined to be treated. And if its genetics CRISPR may help.

Caesareans should be unnecessary and the fact that women need to have them should be a cause for concern.

It should not be treated as a matter of fact expected and normal.

I regard this practice as ultimately a crutch that does not solve the cause of the problems requiring caesarean. In the same way glasses are ocular crutches that does the solve the ultimate cause of the vision deficiency.


Just my thoughts for you all.





At least that’s my thoughts for today