Repost of Bilskillet’s blog

17 Apr

Repost of Bilskillet’s blog

This is a link to the now defunct blog by a Christian man. Before the danger of doxxing made him shut down. I will also be reposting his material for archive purposes for those who would like to read such posts on my blog.



31 Mar


Manhood is earned through blood, guts, Sweat and tears. It is a leap away from comfort into short-term pain for long term gain. Comfort is only in Zion. But in this world there is only struggle. Seek not comfort here but growth. Endless growth. Endless improvement. For the male organism is never stagnant. Either improve or decline. Either rise or eventually fall. the choice is yours.




Always be batman

31 Mar

Always be batman


Warriors of the son song

1 Mar

Warriors of the son song


Behold in time the Son will rise, The sky will bleed the wrath of night
The Sons of light arise with thee they hear his call down to their knees
A battle rage they choose to go with hearts prepared for the next expo
Made up their minds, left all behind Give all they got wisdom fortified

They are the warriors of the Son of the King of the light
Arise with thee unto thy might
Warriors of the Son of the King of the light
They died with thee, they live to fight

Come wind, come storm, cold and freeze
The sons of light shall not retreat
Come fireballs and desert sands Come warriors with battle plans

By His strength the King of light starts pouring Out His rage
To slay the beast who has conquered the world at this stage
The sons of light they hear His call they know just what to do
Ten thousands and the mighty one They’re coming to get you

The prince beneath, he won’t delay his troopers foolish, void and lame
Commands the blood soaked battlefield He wages war and makes his kill
His time so short, he’s soon to go back to his home abyss below
Though they have reigned for many years
The Sons of God they all shall fear

We are the warriors of the son Warriors of the son We are the warriors of the son







Putting to rest the bullsh*t of equality

7 Feb

Putting to rest the bullsh*t of equality

Julius Evola explains it. I can put it in no better words. Lest I spoil the very arguments he is making for hierarchy and quality against so called equality.


The importance of maintaining your own place

2 Feb

The importance of maintaining your own place

Familiarity breeds contempt that’s why its best to keep a place separate from your wife. For when she moves into whatever place it becomes HER nest. So maintaining a separate male space that is preferably 1 bedroom bachelor mini-house. She cannot take over or move in.


That way you can take care of boredom and maintain the mystery.


Not the pursuit of happiness but of excellence through which wellbeing is achieved

12 Jan

Not the pursuit of happiness but of excellence through which wellbeing is achieved

Pursue happiness and it will allude you. But pursue excellence and happiness will be added to you. What is life but increasing in competence, growing through challenge, overcoming obstacles.

Indeed the life I hope to live is where there is challenge, dynamism, change and growth.

Indeed life is not comfort but painful adaptation. To not be challenged and to remove competition only invites the wasting away of the powers of man.

Shall weakness be accommodated? Or shall it be rectified?

Crutches help the hobbled man yet also hobble the man. If a person’s faculties are not well used they will atrophy.

Indeed look back at the physical capabilities of our ancestors. Their hardier life resulted in hardier bodies and more capable bodies at that.

I will not deny the hardships and brutal lifestyle of our ancestors. Yet look at what they were capable of.

Amazing isn’t it?